BOOK HAUL: august’s insanity

i know; i’m over a week late. i was actually considering deleting this and moving on to this month’s book haul, but i couldn’t resist since i bought way too many books last month. (actually only fourteen, but still)


anyway, let’s get started! (from top to bottom):

the grisha trilogy (shadow and bone, siege and storm, ruin and rising); leigh bardugo: i’ve previously read these books on my tablet, but saw the glorious uk covers and i HAD to get it. i ordered it from the book depository and was kind of disappointed to see they were diffeRENT SIZES?! the frustration is too real. i would give this trilogy an overall of 8.2/10 stars. lots of fantasy; a love triangle/square/thing; epic main character.

shatter me; tahereh mafi: i know you can’t see this book in the picture because of the stupid glare, but it’s shatter me. i’ve always had a struggle on this trilogy. not because the writing is bad (it’s not, i love the writing), but because the covers don’t match. the first book has this girl in a white dress and, in my opinion, is completely hideous. the new covers on unravel me and ignite me are beautiful. some of my all-time favorite covers. obviously, they needed to change the first book. they decided to do that in paperback. alright, that’s fine; i don’t mind. but they didn’t release ignite me in paperback yet. i like to have all my books in one edition, or another. if there’s a series, i would like to have them all in paperback or all in hardcover (or in this case, all in one cover edition too). i have shatter me in paperback, and the other two in hardcover. so when i finally came across a website that sold shatter me in the new cover in hardback, i was ecstatic. the book came and it was indeed in hardback and it was indeed the new cover but, 1) it was a different size than the other two and 2) it didn’t have a book jacket and 3) the spine was different. you had one job. one job. i give the series a 8.4/10 stars. the first book is difficult to get through, but it progressively gets sO MUCH BETTER. read it.

under the never sky; veronica rossi: i won this (signed) copy in a giveaway! haven’t read it yet, but heard good things. i’m excited.

the perks of being a wallflower; stephen chbosky: i already had a copy of perks, but i wanted to get one in the uk cover because i like it so much better than the us cover. just look at it. if you haven’t read this book, GO READ IT. it’s a bit dark and sad; so if this is your first YA or contemporary novel, i wouldn’t recommend it. i would give it 8/10 stars.

just one day; gayle forman: i previously read this book already and loved it! i had to get a hardcopy of it. gayle forman has a miraculous way of making this somewhat-cliché storyline beautiful. you would think it’s just about falling in love while traveling, but it’s so much more than that. personally, i think this story is more about finding yourself than finding your true love. it fills you with urges to travel the world and love the people around you. love love love and would recommend to anyone. 9.4/10 stars.

the great gatsby; scott f. fitzgerald: oh, this timeless classic. i loved this cover edition and just had to buy it. (i have no self control when it comes to buying books, but i think you’ve figured that out by now.)

to all the boys i’ve loved before; jenny han: this is another book i bought solely because of the cover. it’s glorious and such a beautiful design. i haven’t read it yet, but i hope the story is as strong as the cover game.

landline; rainbow rowell: i was so happy when i found out i could buy the uk cover edition because i liked it so much better than the us one. (that’s how it’s been this past month.) the size is just perfect and it is so cute. i’ve come to realize that the more you read rainbow’s books, the more you appreciate them. that’s how it mainly was with landline. i would give this a 8.8/10 stars.

fangirl; rainbow rowell: this is actually the limited edition copy, which i just had to buy. fangirl is my favorite by rainbow and i’m so glad i have this edition! (now i have two copies of fangirl, not like i’m complaining.) if you haven’t read any of her books yet (what are you doing with your life), you should read fangirl first. especially relatable if you’re a ‘fangirl.’ 9.4/10 stars.

eleanor & park; rainbow rowell: this was my first rainbow read and i didn’t think too much about it (at the time). i reread parts in the beginning of summer and realize how little i was appreciating this book (i thought it was over-hyped). i had to get myself a hardcopy. 8.8/10 stars.

zombies vs. unicorns; holly black and others: another buy based on the cover. it’s beautiful and i will probably have a photoshoot with it in the near future. i haven’t read this yet, but i think it’ll be a fun read. it’s an anthology written by many of my favorite authors, so i’m excited.

humans of new york; brandon stanton: i saw this at an airport while i was traveling and knew i had to buy it. i’ve been reading his blog for a few years already and loved it. the concept is amazing and fascinating. the colors are very vibrant and the book is just beautiful. i’m so glad i have it in physical copy. you can read all the entries on his blog, so don’t expect any ‘exclusive content.’ it’s just nice to have it on the bookshelf where you can pick it up and skim it whenever you like.



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