UPDATE: september wrap-up; october is here.

so another month has passed and i feel like nothing has changed. in september, i finished four books: lola and the boy next door, to all the boys i’ve loved before, isla and the happily ever after, and speak.

also in the past month, i’ve made two promises to myself: 1) i’m banned from buying books until i finish driver’s ed and pass my permit test (which will take at least another month), and 2) i’m not allowed to actively read a book until i’m caught up on all my school assignments (i’m homeschooled, so it’s very easy to fall behind). of course, i know i wouldn’t be able to stand not reading, so i’m just not allowed to read actively. as in, i’m only allowed to read when i have everything done (unlikely) and have free time (hah). october is filled with nutcracker rehearsals and auditions for ballet competitions, so that’s more stress for me. reading, and (possibly, probably, sadly) blogging will need to be put on hold. if not, i’ll be spending ten more years in high school, holed up in what i like to call my cave of procrastination.

october is also going to be filled with an insane amount of book releases, another reason why autumn is my favorite season. luckily for me, i’ve pre-ordered all of them before i began my book-buying ban.

blood of olympus; rick riordan

this is the fifth and final book in the heroes of olympus series by rick r i’ve been reading these since the first book came out in 2011 (oh god, ancient times). although, i’m eager to find out what happens, i’m genuinely afraid for it to end. i’m not ready for this. i don’t think i’ll read this until a while after it’s released, though i’m excited.

released: october 7th, 2014

the young elites; marie lu

i’m so excited for this to be released! this is a first in a new series by marie lu, author of the legend trilogy, which every needs to read. i love marie’s writing style and characters, so i’m really excited to read this!

released: october 7th, 2014

blue lily, lily blue; maggie stiefvater

this is the third book of the raven boys series and i’m also very excited to read this! i really liked the first two books – a solid four stars – so i really want to know what’s going to happen next. it’s a little confusing and a lot of world building. i’m just waiting for my ship to set sail.

released: october 21st, 2014

in the afterlight; alexandra bracken

this is, no doubt, the book i’m most excited for. i’m shaking just thinking about it. i need it in my hands. i need to know what happens. NOW. it’s the third and final book of the darkest minds trilogy, which is my favorite trilogy (so far, obviously i haven’t read this last book). i’m a little afraid about what’s going to happen in the story and very afraid i’ll be disappointed. i mean, i liked allegiant, but it’s not something i would want to read again. i don’t want that to be the case for this book. (no pressure, alex bracken!)

released: october 28th, 2014

the retribution of mara dyer; michelle hodkin

i pre-ordered this book last year when the release date was in june. but michelle hodkin decided to change the whole book because she felt it should’ve ended different and i hope it was worth it. it’s the third and final book of another one of my favorite trilogies: the mara dyer trilogy (the unbecoming of mara dyer and the evolution of mara dyer). i actually got the first two signed and personalized with excerpts from retribution and i’m so anxious to find out what happens!

released: november 4th, 2014 (not october, but close enough)

that should be it for upcoming releases! well, you know my tbr for the next (possibly two) months. i’ll certainly try my best to keep reading and blogging, but i’ll need to prioritize school. i will, however, continue to post on instagram so feel free to follow me there! hopefully i’ll talk to you soon!



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