TOP TEN TUESDAY: bookstagram-ers

i’ve decided to post these types of things every tuesday after i was inspired by hardcovers and heroines (you should definitely check out her blog btw). in honor of the start, i would like to dedicate it to the reason i started book blogging: bookstagram. if you’re not familiar with the term, “bookstagram” basically means book-instagram. bookstagram-ers post pictures of books on their instagram feed and share their love for books. i’ve met so many amazing people and seen so many amazing pictures. it was truly very difficult to choose my top ten. it may be different in the future; it might not. but for now, i present to you my top ten favorite book-based instagram accounts(!), in no particular order:

Photo Oct 13, 3 16 53 AM

the very first bookstagram account i came across was @anareads_ . her pictures were honestly so gorgeous; they inspired me to start my own account. so ana, i owe you my thanks. if i hadn’t stumbled across your account, i would not be here.

Photo Oct 13, 3 14 35 AM

my first friend on instagram (via my book account) was probably @adventuresofnikka . i’d admired her feed from afar and could not believe when she began following me, or even commenting on my pictures. craziness. i used her pictures for inspiration because her style was so clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Photo Oct 13, 3 14 12 AM

i found @booknerdmille’s account through her giveaway. her giveaway photo stood out from most due to the clean cut and simplicity (obviously a style i’m obsessed with. do you see a pattern?). after that, i found out she also has a blog and ohmygod it’s gorgeous. if you can’t tell, it was a huge inspiration for my blog’s theme. most of the time, i want to change my blog’s layout because i feel like a copycat but it’s just so nice.

Photo Oct 13, 3 19 12 AM

i feel like this account is one that all bookstagrammers follow. cali has a super creative way with taking bookish pictures and is another huge inspiration for me. she uses everything and incorporates so many other objects and forms of creativity in her photos.

Photo Oct 13, 3 12 34 AM

ahh, another clean and simple account (told you i’m obsessed). @llorcupine’s feed is so nice and neat, i just ♥.

Photo Oct 13, 3 23 54 AM

hazel’s instagram is very nice, but her blog is like 500x nicer. i’m in love with her blog. it blows my mind that she designed and set everything up herself. blog goals:

Photo Oct 13, 3 22 04 AM

yay for another clean and simple account! @vbookish doesn’t have too many pictures, but i love every single one of them.

Photo Oct 13, 3 12 00 AM

@giralka is another account i love. my favorite part is probably the fact that it’s not only bookish. she post art and some lifestyle pictures, but it still matches everything.

Photo Oct 13, 3 18 05 AM

@livresque’s account reminds me a bit of @booknerdmille. she has clean pictures as well (yay for white backgrounds!) so here’s some more love.

Photo Oct 13, 3 27 25 AM

this is another account that is very clean and doesn’t have a lot of pictures yet. all of his/her photos are very nicely put together and just.. ahh.

as you can see, i have a very distinct pattern with feeds i like (clean, white background usually, and creative). i’m not trying to say i don’t like feeds that aren’t like this – not at all! there are so many book accounts that aren’t in this style (@thebookishgirl is another one of my faves. along with @princessbooks.jpg) and are equally as fabulous.

all of these accounts i’ve picked out have inspired me to be more artistic and express myself more freely, so i really hope you check them all out and give them a follow!

what are your favorite bookstagram accounts? do you have a bookstagram account yourself? please let me know in the comments below!



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2 thoughts on “TOP TEN TUESDAY: bookstagram-ers

  1. All of these pictures are gorgeous! I have an instagram myself but never really checked out any of these accounts, now I’m following most of them thanks to this post 😉 So pretty!


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