this is an original feature inspired by it was lovely reading you! my version is slightly different because i’ll be sharing non-bookish stuff as well as bookish stuff. this is different from my book hauls because these generally showcase less items. (hauls are usually monthly). anyway.. enjoy!

i love tuesdays and amazon prime. mostly because books are released on tuesdays and amazon prime makes it so i actually receive it on that day. (god bless amazon prime) wanna know what was released yesterday? the retribution of mara dyer. *inhales* the original release date was october of last year, then it got moved to june of this year, and finally it got moved to yesterday. i pre-ordered it like october/november of last year, so i’ve actually been waiting an entire year for this package to come. i know it’s not that long, but it’s much more disappointing when you’re slowly anticipating it and it get’s moved back another six months. you start getting insecurities about it being moved back again. but now it’s finally in my hands. i’m SCREAMING relatively calm.



just loOK AT IT. the cover is gloriously creepy! the excitement is so so so real. i need my noah shaw. like now. i’ll be finishing/reviewing this as soon as i can. you can buy it here!

i don’t like to purchase physical copies of albums because my laptop doesn’t have a cd drive, but there’s no other way to get the bonus songs on 1989. (curse you, macbook air and your missing cd drive) i ordered it on target and it took forever for it to get to me. (i want my amazon prime!) everyone’s raving about it and i’m like, “hey! i’ve got it too.. it’s just not here yet.. so i don’t know what you’re talking about.” but now it’s here and on repeat. it’s very different from her other albums and i don’t know how i feel about that yet. i absolutely adore the design and polaroids, though!



finally, the last item is my shiny, new instax mini 90! i already had the instax mini 8, but i just had to get this one. it’s got a ton of features the old one didn’t have. also, the design is completely different. tana gandhi has an amazing review on it, which was the real reason i bought it in the end.





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