TOP TEN TUESDAY: winter tbr

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oh, winter. i can finally read books about christmas and snow without feeling ridiculous for having urges to sing something from michael buble’s christmas cd. but now that starbuck has their holiday cups and the radio is officially playing christmas songs, i think it’s time.

i enjoy reading books set in freezing cold conditions because los angeles never snows. if it does, it only lasts twenty minutes – out of the entire winter (and that only happened once).

top ten books on my winter tbr:



  1. {my true love gave to me; stephanie perkins} i’ve been anxious to read this since it came out, but i didn’t want to start until it was officially winter (aka december).
  2. {let it snow; john green, maureen johnson, lauren myracle} this is one of the three “re-read” books on this list. i feel like let it snow is a necessary read for every winter. it doesn’t matter that i’ve read it before; i’m reading it again.
  3. {secret santa; sabrina james} i actually have no idea what this book is about, but my friend let me borrow it and is forcing urging me to pick it up.
  4. {dash and lily’s book of dares; rachel cohn, david levithan} also don’t know what this is about, except that it’s cute, contemporary, and set in the winter(?). i desperately need some fluff in my life.
  5. {something real; heather demetrios} i’ve been dying to read this book ever since i found out it existed. not winter theme-ed, but contemporary! what better excuse to read some fluff in the fluffiest time of year? (fluffy flurries flying! okay i’ll stop now) i love stories that play out like this, and i’m really hoping someone will get it for me this christmas. (hint hint wink wink)
  6. {the coldest girl in coldtown; holly black} this book is cold and i should read it during a cold season. aka now. (also don’t know what it’s about*)
  7. {blankets; craig thompson} i found out about this book from sanne @ booksandquills and really wanted to read it. it’s a graphic novel set in winter, so i suppose i should read it now.
  8. {shadow and bone; leigh bardugo} for some reason, i really want to re-read this book and i’m getting cold just thinking about it.
  9. {a little something different; sandy hall} apparently this is a love story (yay more fluff!) that is told from everyone except the two main characters. sounds interesting and reminds me of new years eve.
  10. {charmed and dangerous; lisi harrison} this is the prequel book to the clique series, which were sadly basically my childhood. (there’s a whole ‘nother story about that) it’s set in new years eve, which is generally a time for reminiscence and new beginnings. re-reading this book would fill me with an unbearable amount of nostalgia, which i find fitting.

*these explanations are useless because a) i generally don’t know the summary of books i read, b) i’m constantly repeating myself and c) rambling. *whispers sorry*

also, sorry for the semi-hiatus! i had a performance this past weekend (the nutcracker! way to get into the holiday spirit) and i’m just barely getting back from my slump. you probably won’t see me very often for a few weeks.

what are the books you’re reading this winter? let me know in the comments below!



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