farewell & foresight: nov/dec ’14

farewell, november!

november felt like an emotional roller coaster. at the start of the month, i was finishing the final book of my favorite series (in the afterlight by alexandra bracken, last book of the darkest minds trilogy). that itself left me crying from joy and sorrow and well, all the feelings. then, we had our annual ballet performance. in many ways, it was a train wreck waiting to happen – not because it was bad, but because the neRVES. i’m not usually nervous for performances – more excited than anything else – but this was strangely different. i felt mildly unprepared, which led to the nerves. after the performance finished, i was.. lost. this past week, i’ve been drifting. i have plans for the future, but i also don’t know where i’m going. so if i go on hiatus (which i probably will), please forgive me. i’ll be back.

books i finished:

books read - nov 2014

total tally: five

on replay:


i’ve been listening to taylor swift’s latest album, 1989. i can almost sing the lyrics to every song, but not yet, therefore i need to listen to it some more. my favorite tracks would be.. new romantics, wildest dreams, blank space, and welcome to new york. (that was so hard to choose) definitely one of my favorite albums by her. it’s a new soundtrack, i could dance to this beat ♥

quote of the month:

“do not find peace. find passion. find something you want to die for more than something you want to live for.”

– michelle hodkin, the retribution of mara dyer

foresights of december

oh, december, you’re one of my favorite months of the year. christmas music blaring; cold weather everyday; starbuck’s peppermint white mochas… it’s great. twenty-fourteen started off as a wonderful year and i really want to end it flawlessly as well. thinking about the future excites and frightens me, but i’m ready.

goals for this month:

  • finish more schoolwork than last month. there’s no reason to get more behind.
  • actually finish driver’s ed. (i’m halfway through! i can do this!)
  • blog less. that’s right. i feel like i need to be more present in the next month, and less on the internet. i want to be living the last month of the year and start fresh with twenty-fifteen. don’t worry; i’ll be back! (and probably will still be here, nonetheless)

books i plan on reading:

currently reading: cruel beauty; rosamund hodge

what are your plans for december? let me know in the comments below!



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