THE COVER GAMES: nick and norah’s infinite playlist

the cover games is a new feature here at the twirling pages! i’ll be discussing: miraculous cover changes, battles between the US cover/UK cover, thank-you-for-existing covers, was-the-designer-drunk covers, and well all things book cover related! ❤

(shameless fact: i will judge a book based on it’s cover.)

i hadn’t put much thought into this book simply because the cover was.. meh. at the time, i’d only seen the movie-cover and i really don’t like movie-tie-in-covers (except for tfios, because that one is beautiful). when i stumbled upon hazel’s post, i fell in love with the dash and lily’s book of dares cover. the typeface, colors, setup, everything is just gorgeous. i was hoping all the books would have gloriously matching covers and after some google-ing, voila!


they’re beautiful and they match! i quickly went to my favorite book-buying websites: the book depository, amazon, and barnes and noble. sadly, the book depository and amazon didn’t have these new covers, so i got it from b&n. a few days of waiting passed, then bam: a box from barnes and noble is on my doorstep and ready for me to devour. i open it and.. i get this:

n&nip ewno

what is this? first of all, i didn’t even know this cover existed. second of all, why is it here? what even is this??

let’s dissect the differences..

the biggest change was the size in type. the first cover’s title was tiny. “what was that book i wanted to read? hm.. nick and norah’s.. i don’t remember.” i’m assuming the designer put the heart around the title to bring out the words, when really, he/she should’ve just made the entire title bigger. also, you can hardly see the author’s names (in both the old version and movie-tie-in). if i don’t remember the title, it would be nice to (at least) remember the names of the authors. overall, the type was hard to read and.. messy.

the background was another, more obvious, change. you would think the new cover’s bokeh lights are distracting, but to me, they’re highlighting the words. the original purple background was dull and uninteresting. it’s a novel set during the winter, but the splatter marks made it seem like a contemporary-horror story. the bokeh lights in the updated one makes it seem like it’s set in a big city (true) and it’s the holiday season (also true). overall i think the old cover was giving off the wrong ideas.

n&nip evolution

a few things i’m thankful for:

  • christmas
  • chocolate
  • this cover change because it’s like the greatest cover change in the history of cover changes

share your thoughts below!



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*disclaimer: all statements are my personal opinion. i do not wish to offend or insult anyone!

5 thoughts on “THE COVER GAMES: nick and norah’s infinite playlist

  1. Like you, I’m also meticulous when it comes to book covers. I bought most of my books because I fell in love with their covers 😀 I’m also not into movie-tie-in book cover though i love (and I have) the Warm Bodies and The Last Song (Nicholas Sparks). I don’t have the TFIOS with Shai and Ansel on the cover coz the movie was not out when I bought the book. I agree with you that they should consider the story when making the book cover even it’s a different edition.


  2. I also, usually, judge a book by its cover. At least initially. The cover has to be interesting enough to catch my attention, then the synopsis, and so on. The only times I don’t judge a book by its cover is when it’s a book I’ve been waiting for (pre cover) or an author I already love!

    No shame, girl!


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