top 10 new year’s resolutions

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twenty-fourteen is nearly over and i have no words. i would be reminiscent and say all the fabulous things that occurred in the past year, but i’ll save that for tomorrow’s “farewell and foresight” post. i suppose it’s time to make a list of resolutions. most people create a list, forget the list by mid-january, then move on with their year. two years ago, i decided to make my resolutions into reality. i created a .pages file entitled, “new year’s resolutions,” and every year i have my list and cross out the things i’ve accomplished in the past year.

new year's resolutions


i won’t have the same things on the .pages file as on this blog simply because everything is kind of vague. “dress better” and “wake up earlier” are too open and more as goals for myself. and since i’m a firm believer in goal-making, i easily have ten goals in every category of my life.. so i present to you, my top ten bookish/blog goals of 2015:

  • buy less books because i’m a compulsive book-buyer
  • sleep before 2am. if i need to read/blog, do it in the morning.
  • attend a book-ish event (author signing, expo, etc.)
  • continue blogging. i usually try something out for a few months, then give up and move onto something else. i want to keep blogging in my life.
  • contact publishers (when i feel ready, but) sometime this year
  • read 60 books
  • learn to schedule posts at least weeks beforehand
  • visit the strand! (part of the “going to new york” goal)
  • comment and interact more with others since i really don’t do that sorry guys
  • move to!

what are your goals for the new year? are you excited as i am?



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2 thoughts on “top 10 new year’s resolutions

  1. I want to go to The Stand so much!!! May have to plan a trip to visit relatives in NY 🙂 & I totally agree with the scheduling, I need to do it more than a week in advance! x


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