UPDATE: i’m kind of back?

*cricket cricket* *creeps out from dark room* *cough* so, um, i’ve disappeared for an entire month or two. sorry about that… but i’m baaaaacccckkkkkkkkk. 

january and february are always the hardest months. not only is it the freezing, cold winter, but i have competitions for ballet. (um.. actually it’s not freezing since i live in los angeles, but let’s just pretend it’s freezing :)) i was also in a reading slump the past few months and needed to separate myself from all the things. competitions are extremely important in my pre-professional ballet life, but now that they’re finally over, i could get back to my daily grind.

my posting schedule will be still be iffy. since i’m homeschooled, it’s super easy to get distracted and get behind. i mean, if you have a computer and the choice is to go to school or blog.. i think the answer is obvious. i need to prioritize school, but hopefully i’ll get to blog more often in the future! in the meantime, let’s celebrate with some delicious virtual cake! everyone get’s a slice!



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