feeling the love because i’ve been nominated by two people for the liebster award! (thanks guys! you’re the best and deserve hugs and cookies.) i was nominated by kath from the last reader (her post here) a loooonnnggg time ago and never got a chance to do it. but now it’s here. better late than never, i suppose. (which remind me, i’ve actually got a few more of tags/awards i need to do..) a few months later, i was nominated by nagina from ohbookish (her post here). i feel like i’ve rambled enough – onto the award!


  • link back and thank the blogger(s) who nominated you.
  • answer the eleven questions they give you
  • tag up to eleven blogger who have 200 or less followers
  • ask your nominees eleven questions and let them know you tagged them!

questions from kath:

1) is there a book you wish you never read? if yes, what book? there are some books that are so awful, that reading it was just a waste of time. i’m fairly picky about what i read – making sure there are good reviews, interesting summary, etc. – so i usually don’t have this problem. sadly, there is a book that was so overhyped and i sincerely regret reading: obsidian by jennifer armentrout. i honestly do not understand why people are so obsessed with this series.

2) do you highlight the words/paragraphs you love in a book or you put tabs (sticky notes) on it? tabs, all the way. highlighting makes me feel so uncomfortable. how can someone just.. highlight in their books?!

3) do you lend out books? it depends. if i trust and know the person well, then yes.

4) what is/are your favorite book to movie adaptation? by far, the great gatsby. it portrayed the book incredibly well and everything was just beautiful. i tear up thinking about it.

5) three fictional characters you love? what?! only three? you expect me to choose only three?? the list of characters i love is infinitely long. but i’ll be sending love to william herondale (from the infernal devices by cassie clare), june iparis (from legend by marie lu), and liam stewart (from the darkest minds by alexandra bracken). ♡

6) is there a stand-alone book that you want to have a sequel? if yes, what is that book? there probably is, but i can’t decide at the moment. if i had to choose, it would be a rainbow rowell book because i just want one more chapter please and thanks xoxo.

7) do you prefer to have a bookish boyfriend/partner or not?is this regarding a fictional bookish boyfriend? because that would be AWESOME. but in real life, of course! we could be nerdy together and it would be so great.

8) what book can best describe how you feel right now? well, i just had dinner, so i’m feeling full. how would a book describe that? maybe fangirl by rainbow rowell because i’m in the mood to blog for ages. i know cath write fan fiction, not blog post, but all my emotions (and life) is basically cath’s (except i don’t have a super cute and adorable boyfriend like *spoiler* levi).

9) do you judge a book by it’s cover? by it’s author? yes, shamelessly. i’m into graphic design so the cover of a book does matter to me. and if i love the author, i would probably love the book as well – even if it would’ve been just “okay” instead of “THIS IS AMAZING.”

10) how many physical books do you own? too many. (actually i have no idea, but a lot)

11) what are you reading right now? mistborn by brandon sanderson!

questions from nagina:

1) favorite book to movie adaptation? answered. see above.

2) what’s one book you think everyone should read? why? hands down, the darkest minds by alexandra bracken. it is my favorite book series of all-time and i need everyone in the world to know. i rave about it waaayy too much.

3) what/who got you into reading? my third grade teacher, mrs. womack. i read my first real chapter book in her class in fell in love with it. i was obsessed with charlotte’s web and basically fangirling as a third grader.

4) favorite tv show(s)? i actually don’t watch tv anymore since i’m always dancing. but do korean dramas count? because i recently finished pinnochio and it’s become my new favorite.

5) ebooks or physical books? um.. both? i like ebooks because it’s easier to review the book with directly adding notes and highlighting quotes (that rhymed!), but physical books are so much more satisfying. you get to see your progress through the book and feel the pages. *happy sigh* conclusion: both.

6) who is your favourite fictional villain? if you read my best of 2014 post, you would know i’m a sucker for villains. but if i had to choose only one person, i would go with warner from the shatter me trilogy by tahereh mafi because.. WARNER. *goat screams*

7) describe your perfect reading setting. on rainy or overcast day, i’d be safely at home on my bed, with fairy lights on, and a perfect view of the outside world from my window. there would be steaming tea on my table and heaps of blankets and pillows and of course, books.

8) have you ever been to a music concert? yes, but i haven’t in quite some time. the last time i was at one was.. 2010? i don’t even remember. all i know is that i was a baby (not actually a baby, but you know what i mean).

9) is there a book you hated that everyone else loved? if yes, which one? if no, is there a book you loved that everyone else hated? yesss, there is a book i hated that everyone else loved. see the answer to the first of kath’s questions. (i’m talking about obsidian.)

10) do you judge books by their covers? yes. for in depth answer, see above.

11) which book character would you like to be friends with? EVERYONE. if i had to choose, probably chubs from the darkest mind by alexandra bracken. jamie from the mara dyer trilogy would’ve been next.

i’ll be nominating..

my questions for those i’m nominating:

  1. what are you currently reading?
  2. what would you like to read next?
  3. a book that isn’t hyped, but really should be?
  4. favorite book cover?
  5. who/what inspired you to start blogging and why?
  6. top three book genres?
  7. do you have any other passions besides reading/writing?
  8. top three favorite blogs/bloggers?
  9. if you could live in any fictional world, which would you choose and why?
  10. hardcover or paperback?
  11. which fictional character could you relate to the most?



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3 thoughts on “LIEBSTER AWARD

  1. I’m happy that you’re back 🙂 I just visited your blog yesterday i think 10 minutes before you posted your Update. And… I do highlight my books but not anymore after discovering tabs 😀

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