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heroes are great, but heroines are even better. #GIRLSRULE! i was so excited when i read this week’s top ten tuesday because.. heroines! you know, the girls who are epic, kickass, and a hopeless romantic? yeah, i’m talking about those girls. in no particular order, here are my top ten favorite heroines.

  1. {reyna from the heroes of olympus series; by rick riordan} heroines can be side characters, right? if there’s anyone who is a hero, it’s reyna. she deserves waaayyy more credit than she gets. the romans would be lost without her. (actually, they would have octavian, who is 10000x worse than having no leader at all.)
  2. {ruby daly from the darkest minds trilogy; by alexandra bracken} um.. if there’s a series i talk about too much, it’s the darkest minds. ruby is so epic and goes through a tremendous amount of character development i just love her so much.
  3. {june iparis from the legend trilogy; by marie lu} june is too smart for words. not only was she the republic’s prodigy and cracked all the codes, she made the right decisions in the end because she’s.. june! if i had to choose an all-time favorite female character, i would probably choose june.
  4. {tris prior from the divergent series; by veronica roth} there is a reason why tris is the FOURth girl on my list *wink wink* there are a million reasons why tris is a hero: selfless, brave, smart, DIVERGENT. the reasons why she’s brave is too obvious. i’m not even going to try explaining.
  5. {isabelle lightwood from the mortal instruments series; by cassandra clare} IZZY! i have no words. if you’ve read tmi, you would know that izzy’s simple existence screams, “badass hero.”
  6. {kestrel trajan from the winner’s curse series; by marie rutkoski} maybe i’m choosing kestrel because i just finished the book, or maybe i’m choosing her because kestrel is so good. she’s not scary and inhuman, but she’s a genuinely good person. you rarely see that nowadays. she has the ability to be powerful, but she chooses differently.
  7. {annabeth chase from the percy jackson series; by rick riordan} i didn’t want to choose two characters from the same series, but this doesn’t count right? i mean, she was also in hoo, but she was the star of the show in pjo. daughter of athena, you are the boss.
  8. {cammie morgan from the gallagher girls series; by ally carter} no one really talks about cammie, but we musn’t forget that she’s a super epic spy. i mean, she can switch between fourteen languages during lunch. who does that? she also deals with crazy ops and is in high school while this is all going on.
  9. {tessa gray from the infernal devices series; by cassandra clare} how do i begin to describe tessa? she’s.. no words. (also, the luckiest girl in the worlds because WILL HERONDALE.)
  10. {cinder from the lunar chronicles; by marissa meyer} cinder is a cyborg that is super, unintentionally rebellious. we’re rooting for you cinder! you are the best, and don’t let the crazy lunars make you feel less.

girls, just remember to stay fierce and be beyoncé.


who are your favorite heroines? let me know in the comments!



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