farewell & foresight: jan/feb/mar ’15

farewell, january and february!

yes, i need to merge two months because i was on a blogging hiatus. don’t mind me. *casually whistles* january and february felt like one gigantic month. one thing after another so there was hardly any separation, but so much had happened that it felt like three months. i don’t know; time is weird. i auditioned for american ballet theatre’s summer program and got accepted into the new york location. i’ve been accepted for a few years now, but only went once. however, this year my parents decided to let me go again! i’m super super super excited. i also went to ballet competitions three weeks in row, traveling to huntington beach, las vegas, and upland. (thank goodness i’m done) now that that is over, we could start rehearsing for our next competition in may and june! *twitch* i also started doing kayla itsines’ bikini body workout and i will dedicate another post to that. i’ve been trying to reestablish my health and fitness.

books i finished:

on replay:

in the past two months, i discovered infinite (a korean boy group) and have kind of really been obsessed with all their songs. i downloaded every single one and it’s been playing ~on replay~ for weeks. i also found instrumental covers of their songs by an amazing pianist named nei. i love her. and them. i love everything. this is my jam.

quote of the month:

(source: pinterest)

foresights of march

oh god, i still can’t believe february is over. how am i supposed to plan stuff for march already? i still think it’s 2014! a few things to look forward to in march: american ballet theatre will be coming, to los angeles and i’ll be going to watch a show! my sister is also coming home for a few days and i’m super super excited for that. audition results for competition eligibility is also released.. and there are more rehearsals. annnddd all that is happening in the first week. i don’t know what i’m doing for the rest of the month, which is why i need to set some goals.

goals for the month:

  • continue eating/living healthy
  • continue kayla itsines bikini body challenge
  • learn all my solos for competitions (ballet)
  • finish driver’s ed (wow i said this for like, SIX MONTHS)
  • finish algebra ii, world history, and world literature semester; begin french ii

i’d also like to read and blog more, but i feel like i would do that regardless if i put it as a goal or not. other things like finishing school, would need some more motivation.

what are your plans for the next month?



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