blog updates & etc.

this past week i’ve accomplished the following: get sick, finish a book, and think. i’ve been thinking you don’t say! about changing this blog. now’s the time for a collective, ‘what?!’  no, i’m still going to be blogging about books, but i also want to blog about my life. originally, i had a separate blog for updates on my life, pictures, etc., but i would only post twice a year and i found it annoying to manage. why isn’t everything in one place? being the lazy teenager i am, i’ve decided to change this space into a book & lifestyle blog. honestly, there isn’t much of a change because i feel like it was already like that; i just wanted to give everyone a head’s up. i’ll just be having more posts dedicated to things like… food, skincare, exercising, ballet, photography, and basically my life. HORRAY! i can release my inner sass monster.



i’ve also been designing my **new** blog theme! so i’ve set forth and finally decided to move to wordpress.. you know, after i clean up the new theme. (i know, i’ve said i would move, like, 5 times. but i’m actually doing something about it now!) i would upload a picture of the draft, but i want it to be a complete surprise. i’m so excited.

cheering minions



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