REVIEW + DISCUSSION: the well of ascension; brandon sanderson


9.5/10 ✩

genre: fantasy, fiction

series? yes, second book

published: on august 21st, 2007 by tor books

pages: 784

i read the: us paperback

began: march 17th, 2015 // finished: march 24th, 2015

where can i buy this? here via the book depository!

goodreads: right here.

first sentence: “ash fell from the sky.”

favorite quote:

“a man was not defined by his flaws, but by how he overcame them.”

– zane, pg. 212

i had fairly high expectations of this book, considering the mistborn was so good. so it means a lot when i say, it surpassed my expectations. i don’t even know where to begin.

brandon sanderson has a remarkable way of structuring the storyline. there are so many layers to the story. the plot continuously surprised me; the twists and turns left me gawking, but thinking back, there were many clues and hints that i never caught on. just when things start getting calm, he slaps you across the face with another twist; just when you start suspecting someone, he proves everything wrong and your mind explodes. reading his writing is truly an adventure.

excited agnes

my thoughts, basically

the only so-called problem i found was that it was still long – even longer than mistborn. i said this in the other review, but don’t let the size scare you. if you were able to finish the first book, you’ll be able to finish this one. it took me over two weeks to finish mistborn, but nearly half that time to complete the well of ascension (and twoa is a hundred pages longer!). i was really really really engaged; after about 10% in, i was hooked. it’s just picking it up that’s the hardest part.

this book was much more engaging and emotional than the first. i connected with the characters more, and the world was more familiar. you’ll see things from different pov’s, instead of mainly vin. there will also be a few new characters! a new problem arises and you begin to question everything. overall, this was super action packed and i was captured by everything – the plot, the relationships, the characters, feelingsssss.

in a nutshell:


if you haven’t read mistborn or the well of ascension, PLEASE LEAVE. i will be discussing the details and it will contain many SPOILERS. i really don’t want to spoil you because i believe this book is really worth reading!

first chapter of the book, we’re introduced to the character of zane. at the time, he was anonymous but we later learn his true origins.. and the shock settles. he is elend’s brother?! after seeing from his pov, he kinnndaaaa became my new favorite character – next to vin and sazed, of course. zane was a complex character and reminded me a bit like the darkling (from the grisha trilogy); you know how much i like antagonists.. zane was no different. i had hoped he would team with vin and destroy straff; he would get better and the insanity would go away; zane would come to learn about trust and friendship, much like vin throughout the first book. buuuuttt i’m never good at theorizing, and things didn’t end well for him. when vin decided not to go with him, he became a raging lunatic and tried killing her. but, she’s vin! do not mess with vin. that entire fight scene was crazy. i was a blubbering mess and everything was just going out of control. i’m quite sad he died because i wanted to learn more about his character. he was very interesting and different from everyone else. his perspective was extremely distinct and i was hoping we could go more into that. i may have disagreed with his morals, but he was still one of my favorites in this book nonetheless. i’ll miss his spars with vin because it helped her grow as a mistborn. he did teach her a few good tricks.

i was still in denial about kelsier’s death. it didn’t happen; i refused to believe it. it wasn’t until i finished twoa that i faced the facts (but i still have hope that he’s going to come back) (okay, i haven’t recovered and i’m still in denial). all the death’s in this book left me emotionally drained. i hadn’t recovered from kelsier, and i don’t think i ever will. i’m glad breeze, sazed, elend (but apparently he’s a mistborn now??? more on that later), spook, and the others lived; clubs, dox, and tindwyl’s deaths were upsetting, but kind of expected. i mean, there was war and everyone was expected to die. it wouldn’t seem reasonable if no one in the crew perished. it wouldn’t make sense otherwise, but i’m still incredibly sad.

oreseur/tensoon’s betrayal was the most painful thing that occurred. i’d never suspected the kandra. and to think that he was playing vin the entire time? she trusted him, and treated him as an equal; this was how he repays her? i know it’s not his fault at all; and that’s what he’s been trying to say: the kandra are treated with hatred and they’re only following the contract. but still. i was really really hurt and surprised. scenes of their bonding were some of my favorite and i grew really attached to the dog. i just.. *sobs*

oh, vin, where do i begin? (that rhymed! heheh) she has transformed and evolved so much. the amount of power and goodness she contains continues to blow my mind. my two favorite fight sense from her are 1) when she invades cett’s keep with zane (even though she kind of goes crazy, she’s insane. 300 people??) and 2) when she comes to save luthandel, controls the koloss, literally slays straff, and makes elend king again. i really liked those two specifically because in the first scene you learn what she’s capable of, and in the second scene she learns to use it to help others as opposed to hurt others. i also like that she’s still a human being. she’s insecure (don’t know what for.. turning heads when you walk through the doooorr), doubtful, and afraid. i love her so so so much. she is, by far, my favorite character in this series.

elend was.. questionable in this book. i really liked his character in mistborn, but there were times i felt the change was a bit too drastic. i’ll always imagine him as a curious and immature child with good virtues; he would flirt and be mischievous. when we started off the well of ascension and elend was king, i could already sense a strong difference between the boy and the new king. i’m aware a year has past and we didn’t get to see that transition, but i found it hard to connect the two characters and often found him annoying. i could see him struggling as a new king; it was like he was drowning and trying to regain control. his evolution throughout the book, however, was very distinct and sensible. you see him going from, “um, now see, i think..” to, “no, you must..” his training with tindwyl really changed him. (she’s quite spectacular.)

my favorite scene was when vin goes to sazed for relationship advice, then elend comes right after. the parallels make me squeal! i thought it was the cutest thing and the two of them were meant to be~ it was so ironic because they were basically asking the same questions and under the impression that they: 1) didn’t deserve each other and 2) the other person was mad at them and 3) were meant to be someone else.

this book had too many plot twists to count. starting from the beginning, there would be moments of complete and utter shock. but, there was nothing like that ending. let’s just take a deep breath and OHMYGOD. the mist-ghost was actually trying to help vin? (some people think it might be kelsier. highly unlikely, but i’d like to agree just so kelsier comes back) but apparently, vin just released a power that was meant to contained and their information was a flop. everything we’re lead to believe is a lie. how are we supposed to comprehend and deal with that?! in other news, elend is a mistborn! i hope vin trains him and they can be the super badass mistborn couple that saves the world!! (um.. right?)

there is so much more i’d like to talk about: breeze and allrianne, marsh, sazed and tindwyl, the feurchemist religion, the deepness, duralumin, theories… the list goes on. but i think i’ll stop here; if i kept going, i this post would surly be over 20,000 words. the book was an emotional roller coaster. it had left me feeling completely drained and empty; i mean, i had to physically rest for half and hour after finishing it. (yes, the plot and everything was that good.) despite the crazy feelings (or because of it), i’m super excited to begin the hero of ages!

what did you think of this book? please let me know your thoughts!



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