farewell & foresight: mar/apr ’15

farewell, march!

this month flew by. i feel like i say this every month, but march was over in a flash. all of a sudden, it was the last weekend and i was scrambling to finish my goals and everything else. it was fairly uneventful, but quick. much happened in the first week, but after that, things slowed down. we began rehearsals for upcoming competitions; i continued my healthy journey; i’m officially and undoubtedly out of my reading slump; i’d say it was a successful month. also, i finally finished driver’s ed. time to take my permit test and get on the road! the earliest time for scheduling with the dmv was may, so i’ll just need to wait until then. ://

books i finished:

currently reading: endgame; by james frey

on replay:

i started using spotify again, but i’m not sure how long that’ll last. i want you to know, by zedd and selena gomez, has been stuck in my head for nearly a week. i’m not sure if i should be banging my head against the wall or getting up to dance. i really enjoy all of zedd’s work, so i guess it’s not a bad thing.

i also started watching the 100 on netflix, partially due to my friend’s demand and mostly because it was trending on twitter and i was curious. i’m only on episode five(?) of season one, and i’m really liking it so far! it’s quite intense and creepy, but good. it reminds me of lord of the flies, the maze runner, and the hunger games.

quote of the month:

(source: pinterest)

foresights of april

i can’t believe there are only two more months until june. you’re probably wondering, what happens in june? besides my birthday and summer, i’ll be flying to indianapolis for a ballet competition. then i’ll be flying two new york city a few days later! i love traveling and i’m beyond excited to share my experience with you! i just need to finish school and bbg before that happens. i’m actually not excited for my birthday because i’ll probably be flying, and i’m getting incredibly old. sixteen is the epitome of teenager-dome and i quite like it. i want to grow up, but i don’t want to grow old.

goals for this month:

  • continue kayla itsines’s bbg!
  • finish the part a. of literature, history, and math; begin french (i said this last month *sigh*)
  • use all that korean skin care stuff everyday~

these months are starting to look the same, but oh whale. i’m excited and anxious for the summer to come. i know i need to finish loads of stuff before i could get there, which is why i need to focus now so i could enjoy the city and competitions when the time comes.

what are your plans for the next month?



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