FAVORITE VERSES // celebrating easter!

to those who celebrate, happy easter! for those who don’t.. happy sunday! today, i wanted to share with you a few of my favorite bible verses. i can’t decide on one – i never could – so i why not share um.. more than one.

disclaimer: none of the photos on this post are mine! the sources are stated in the captions and links to the website/post can be found when clicked on the photo.

source: danielleburkleo

source: hecallsmelovely

source: homegrownhospitality

source: etsy

whether you’re a christian or not, these verses are inspirational and positive. the gorgeous designs are also a plus. i could stare at the typography all day. *heart eye emoji* reading and looking at these photos really brighten my day. i hope you have a marvelous day~~ celebrate however you like!

this post was basically a last minute thing due to a sudden urge to spread positivity. so if you’re reading this, try to do something kind for someone (yourself included!). it’s the small things that make up for the big things. 🙂

what’s a positive thing you did today? let me know in the comments!



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