this is a new feature on twirling pages in which xandra praises the day because it’s finally friday!! i suppose it’s a weekly recap, but i’m not entirely sure what this’ll end up being.

in terms of blogging and life, this week was a struggle. i kept getting distracted by who know’s what and oversleeping and getting behind schedule. sorry for the lack of posts & unenthusiasm! i occasionally get in these awful moods where i’m mad at myself for being unproductive, but have no desire to be productive. yeah, it’s terrible. but it seemed like there were a bunch of other reasons to celebrate this week! tuesday was internet best friend day <3; wednesday was earth day; thursday was world book day; today is st. mark’s eve, shakespeare’s birthday, and arbor day!

things you may have missed on twirling pages:

things that happened in the real world:

books i began/continued reading (or rereading):

 other things worth mentioning:

  • i sent in my first arc request email! *exhale* i don’t particularly care if i get a response or anything, but i’m just proud of myself for sending it in. it was one of my new year’s resolution to contact publishers and i think i’m finally getting to it. i still consider myself a newbie blogger even though i’ve been blogging for over six months. there are lots of times i feel like i don’t have a ‘right’ to request for arcs. like, “why would or should publishers give me free books? i don’t even know what i’m doing.” but it doesn’t hurt to try.
  • my lillytales or nook & burrow items arrived in the mail! i ordered three bookmarks and a buttery beer candle. my bookworm boutique mug also arrived. still waiting for my pillow though. pictures to come~
  • my family bought a new rice cooker because our old one was dying. this new one is EPIC.
  • i’m trying to resurrect my tumblr. changed the theme and added posts to the queue.

how was your week?

– alexandra

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