five tips for finding inspiration


recently i’ve been feeling extremely uninspired to do anything and everything: schoolwork, reading, blogging, photography, e v e r y t h i n g. all the things i normally love? nope, not working. usually i give myself a list of tasks to accomplish, but i can’t even bring myself to create that list, let alone accomplish it. (yep, it’s that bad.) so i suppose this blog post is an attempt to remind myself how to get inspired again.

*note: these methods aren’t guaranteed to work. i’m hoping to try them out myself. it’s more like inspiration for inspiration. inspiration-ception?

turn up the music, clean, and declutter

i’m currently reading a book about tidying things up and it’s convinced me that the space around you does affect your mindset. throw out anything you haven’t used in over a year or anything you don’t like; organize everything else. it’s spring, so i suppose it’s about time to do some spring cleaning! if you feel bad for throwing away nice clothes/books/etc, you can always donate it. put on your favorite song and dedicate your afternoon/day to tidying~!

unplug or open up

sometimes the world around me gets too noisy and i need to unplug from everything. being an introvert, it’s easy for me to get overwhelmed with people and situations. it’s completely understandable to take a break from the internet or people in general. meditating is a good way to calm your senses and reset your mind. taking a bath with some awesome smelling bath bombs or bubbles could also help cleanse your mind. lighting scented candles and drinking warm tea almost always relaxes my mind.

however for others, being alone makes them more lonely and stressed. if you’re like this, i suggest talking to a close friend or sibling. it doesn’t have to be anything special, maybe over coffee or brunch. it’s just nice to express yourself to someone you trust.

rebound and roam the internet

okay, so you’ve taken a moment and hopefully unplugged yourself from technology. now it’s time to do the complete opposite and search the internet for all things motivational. my favorite place for inspirational pictures and quotes is pinterest. tumblr is also a great place for motivational stuff, but it’s easier to get distracted by other stuff..

rookie magazine and ted talks

if you don’t know what rookie is, you’re really missing out. whenever i feel down, i almost always go on rookie. it’s an online magazine which has (basically) everything: finding yourself, diy, fashion, comics, music recs, and all the things. my favorite is definitely a category called, “live through this” and it’s good to browse through those posts. i could read rookie for hours.

ted talks are also a necessity. they have a ton of videos that range in topics from creativity to happiness to dreaming and so much more. these videos could be from five minutes to twenty. there also have books, events, as well as a blog!

find your purpose

this, in my opinion, is the most important tip. remind yourself why you want to do whatever it is you’re doing (or why you need to do it). remind yourself how you fell in love with it in the first place. examples: if you’re in a reading slump, reread one of your favorite books; if you’re in a blogging slump, brainstorm ideas and go through some of your favorite blogs. whatever it is you need to do, remind yourself why you started, and why you want to keep going.

the key to getting back on track is to take action. i may want to lay in bed all day doing absolutely nothing, but i know it won’t get me anywhere and i won’t feel satisfied even if i do nothing all day. it only works if you want to get motivated, if you want to get out of that reading slump or whatever it is. i think i’m getting better already! hopefully i’ll get back on track soon~

what are some methods you use to get inspired? let me know in the comments!

– alexandra

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3 thoughts on “five tips for finding inspiration

  1. Rookie is such a great resource for inspiration! I could spend hours on that site though I always make sure to stop myself before I get too carried away. But yeah, any time I’m feeling a little bit down or unmotivated, I’ll just pop over to Rookie and between the writing and the playlists and the crafts and interviews and photography, I just immediately get to feeling all rejuvenated and jumpy! Ted Talks are great too! I listen to music / podcasts a lot when I’m feeling uninspired as well and I read op-eds or other blogs in hopes that something someone else says will get to mentally stimulate me into action!

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