farewell & foresight: apr/may ’15

farewell and foresight

farewell, april!

april was a busy month filled with blogging! i wanted to focus more on my blog, but in turn, i didn’t read as many books as i would’ve liked (only two????). i tried keeping up my blog posts and squeeze out all the creative juices, and i must say, it was a bit stressful. i have no idea how some bloggers manage to write up a post (or two or three) in one day. i know some of them schedule things ahead of time, but if you schedule, you’d still need to write up like, ten posts in one day to make up for the week. :////

i’m (kinda) caught up on school! which makes me very proud because i actually managed to be productive and finish a few classes. all i have is two(?) more.  i also continued exercising with kayla itsines’ bbg. i was fairly unmotivated and moody towards the end of the month, but i think i’m ready to get back at it. i also contacted publishers for arcs! i just sent one yesterday, and i’m feeling more brave. (channeling my inner dauntless) i’d say it was a fairly successful month.

books i read:

currently reading: the walls around us, by nova ren suma; the life-changing magic of tidying up, by marie kondo (confession: i actually haven’t been reading these past few days/weeks because i’ve been in a strange mood. also my tbr pile is seriously piling up.)

other happenings on the blog:

on replay

this past month, i found out i could stream 8tracks and soundcloud on my phone without using any data!!! (THANK YOU T-MOBILE.) this was a very big change for me because it meant i could ~finally~ listen to more music. when i’m at home, i usually blog or do schoolwork and i don’t like listening to songs with words while reading/writing. i find it harder to focus, so i end up listening to instrumental versions or covers of pop songs. but now, i can actually listen to music that i can actually sing to. but recently, i’ve been listening to korean-indie songs and i can’t speak korean so um, that fails.

i started watching gossip girl at the beginning of the month, but it ended up failing after about five or six episodes. i was really interested at first because it reminded me of one of my favorite korean dramas, the heirs, but it got repetitive and slow. i started thinking about watching all six seasons and it suddenly felt too long for me. i picked up a korean drama i left off, my love from another star, after i stopped watching gossip girl and i’m OBSESSED. my sister is absolutely obsessed with this drama and i trust her judgement. i realized that i’m not a huge fan of watching things and i’d usually prefer reading things instead. i keep starting shows and stopping after two or three episodes (echm the 100). *sigh* unless, you know, it’s absolutely amazing and i watch it for 24 hours nonstop. i don’t think there’s an in between.

quote of the month:

“I don’t care how many people watch or read something I make. I care how many people love what I make.” – John Green

foresights for may

first things first:

i’m actually really excited for may! near the end of the month, i’ll be competing at showstopper dance competition with a bunch of my good friends. i’ve been competing at showstopper for about three years now and i always have a lot of fun there. i really like showstopper because there are hardly any people there, so it feels more like a performance instead of a ‘scary’ competition. there are a lot of jazz dancers who compete at showstopper, but since i dance ballet, it’s mostly kids from our studio.

goals for this month:

  • keep doing kayla itsines’ bbg; after i finish, restart from week one
  • hopefully pass the permit exam so i can finally DRIVEEE
  • focus on ballet and dance; recover from my injured hip *cries*
  • finish alg. ii part a.; work on french ii and chemistry part b.
  • continue blogging ❤
  • move to wp self-hosted!! 😀

what are your plans for the next month?

– alexandra

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4 thoughts on “farewell & foresight: apr/may ’15

  1. I am still in awe every day of bloggers who manage to post more than once every week because that is still the most I can ever manage and sometimes not even that! But I’ve long since given up on forcing myself to stick to a schedule because it never works to do anything but make me feel bad so now I’m like screw it, I’ll do whatever I want. But the good thing is that by taking a step back, I do feel that when I actually sit down to blog, I’m much more happy to do so.

    Anyway that’s just been my experience. Everyone’s different. Also yay on your arc requests! That’s so awesome, my fingers are crossed for you! 🙂

    Anddd good luck at your dance competition (hope you recover from your injured hip OUCH) and your permit exam! I’m eligible for mine this year though not sure if my dad’s super into it… But anyway, best of luck with yours!


    • there was one week in april where i’d managed to squeeze in a post everyday and he struggle was too real. i think i’ll try to get something up every other day because that’s not too bad for me 😁 i sure hope i get to review those arcs; i requested for my most anticipated book as of right now 🙈 thanks for all the luck in my arcs, dance comp, and permit exam!!! 😘❤


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