the blogger

hi! i’m alexandra ling – but most people call me xandra or xan (pronounced zan-drah or zan) – and i currently reside in the suburbs of los angeles, california. at sixteen-years-old, i’m an aspiring ballet dancer, and quite honestly, my life only consists of books and ballet. last year, my sister and i started launched an ethically-sourced boutique for sassy ballerinas: {the} twirLINGs. (actually, my sister did most the work and i just thought of a few puns). besides books, this is my pride and joy. but starting a business at age sixteen? i suppose i’m an overachiever, but not really; i just want to do everything.

i love typography, word play, healthy foods, graphic design, internet people, and all things aesthetically pleasing. i’m an extroverted introvert, which is why social media and the internet is my favorite place. (i mean, i get to share my thoughts and avoid actual human interaction? how cool is that!) i blog about my life to make it seem more interesting and laugh at my mistakes. i suppose i’m a bit of an optimist.

the blog

i started this blog (and blogging in general) in september of 2014. not going to lie, i’m a total noob and hardly know what i’m doing here. i make a ton of errors on my posts: spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and much more. i don’t study in english or creative writing, like most bloggers. this is my first time writing anything that’s not a school assignment and the first time setting up a website. but, i always had an undeniable urge to share my reactions and thoughts after i finish i book; i’ve always wanted to discuss with others. this feeling grew more and more when i began attending an online school (aka homeschooling). i was basically deprived from human interaction until i went to ballet class at the end of the day, which was enjoyable… until i finished a book and had no one to discuss with. i had all my emotions bottled up and desperately needed to let it go in some form; every time i finished a good book, i would be a geyser of emotions, spewing my feelings everywhere. i found out the best way was to write reviews and blog about it.. so here i am.

my reviews are more casual and expressive. i will use reaction pictures, gifs, italics, capital letters, and anything i can find to show my emotions. because of this, i can’t promise “in-depth” reviews like ones you would read on newspapers or super “official” and “professional” websites. in many ways, the internet is one of my closest friends. i’m not an uptight person to my friends in real life, so i don’t find it reasonable to change that here.

so, what’s the meaning behind the name, “twirling pages”? i’m a ballet dancer, and my favorite part of dancing is turning or “twirling.” my last name is also ling, so twirLING. i’m also obsessed with puns, so the word “twirling” describes my life perfectly. pages represent reading and books, but it also represents chapters or pages of my life. therefore on this blog, you’ll find reviews on (mostly) young adult books, book hauls, book tags, as well as updates on my life. whatever phases i go through (obsessing with food, fashion, or anything) i’ll post on here as well. i guess it’s a lifestyle & book blog, if that’s a thing.





goodreads: http://goodreads.com/twirlingpages

twitter: http://twitter.com/twirlingpages

instagram:http://instagr.am/twirlingpages (or my personal: http://instagr.am/xandraaling)

facebook: http://facebook.com/twirlingpages

tumblr: http://twirlingpages.tumblr.com

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