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this week’s top ten six was a struggle. i’ve been feeling a blogging slump and even the simplest thing – like making a list of my favorite authors – was difficult. i dunno; i’ve just been feeling out of it. i don’t know how to elaborate. anyway, here’s my list of favorite authors:

there are tons of authors that could also be considered my favorites, but i didn’t want to add them to the list because i only read one or two books of their books. would they really count as my favorite author? i feel like it’s a bit unfair to only judge by one book – even if i really really loved it. thus, the extremely short list.

who are your favorite authors? let me know in the comments!



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REVIEW + DISCUSSION: the young elites; marie lu

8.8/10 ✩Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

genre: young adult, fantasy, dystopian, paranormal, magic

published: on october 8th, 2014 by g.p. putnam’s sons books for young readers

pages: 368

i read the: us hardcover edition

began: oct 9th; finished: oct 9th

where can i buy this? here, obviously! (;

the young elites is about a society where an illness, the blood fever, swept through the lands and left the people struggling. most the people affected (usually children) had either died or been left with strange markings. some of those who have survived are left with more than just the markings. they have mysterious and special powers. our main character, adelina, was infected as a child and has survived. this is her story. this is my version, but you can read the full (and official!) blurb here.

i had pretty high expectations for this book. legend, another series by marie lu, is one of the favorite books/series of all-time. it’s action packed and the characters are so solid and likeable and just plain awesome/badass. day and june (the main characters of legend) felt so real. even though that series is a dystopian, i still could see them. they were right there in front me running around or something.

throughout this entire book, i felt so confused. not because i didn’t understand their world or plot, but i couldn’t see where this book was going. adelina was so murky and slippery. i felt like her emotions were slipping all over the place; she would be furious and defiant one moments, then frightened and cowering the next. i feel like marie lu tried doing this on purpose because her emotions are a fairly big part of the plot, but it was just too much. it made her seem unpredictable and unrealistic. (she’s also super frustrating sometimes. ugh!)

the relationship building was also lacking in this book. when i first read the blurb, i thought this was going to be a love triangle. thank goodness this wasn’t. but instead, i felt like there was nearly no romance at all. there was some building at first, then it would go in other directions, then it would come back. because of that, it felt like, “i kinda like you, but i’m not sure. okay let’s make out.” there were a few strong relationships such as adelina and her father, as well as adelina and her sister. but all the new characters/people she meets feel very untrustworthy, therefore making this book less fun to read. also, adelina is a very sad person to read from.

in terms of plot and other shenanigans, this book is so good. there were a lot of surprising plot twists and fun stuff. your feelings should get ready for an extreme rollercoaster. it left me crying and numb. it was also nice how you mainly heard from adelina, but there were also other povs.

the young elites is definitely a lot darker (cold-blood murder! yay!) and talks about heavier topics, but you should read it nonetheless. it kind of reminded me of divergent and the night circus at some parts, but the story is very original and unexpected.

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