this is a new feature on twirling pages in which xandra praises the day because it’s finally friday!! i suppose it’s a weekly recap, but i’m not entirely sure what this’ll end up being.

in terms of blogging and life, this week was a struggle. i kept getting distracted by who know’s what and oversleeping and getting behind schedule. sorry for the lack of posts & unenthusiasm! i occasionally get in these awful moods where i’m mad at myself for being unproductive, but have no desire to be productive. yeah, it’s terrible. but it seemed like there were a bunch of other reasons to celebrate this week! tuesday was internet best friend day <3; wednesday was earth day; thursday was world book day; today is st. mark’s eve, shakespeare’s birthday, and arbor day!

things you may have missed on twirling pages:

things that happened in the real world:

books i began/continued reading (or rereading):

 other things worth mentioning:

  • i sent in my first arc request email! *exhale* i don’t particularly care if i get a response or anything, but i’m just proud of myself for sending it in. it was one of my new year’s resolution to contact publishers and i think i’m finally getting to it. i still consider myself a newbie blogger even though i’ve been blogging for over six months. there are lots of times i feel like i don’t have a ‘right’ to request for arcs. like, “why would or should publishers give me free books? i don’t even know what i’m doing.” but it doesn’t hurt to try.
  • my lillytales or nook & burrow items arrived in the mail! i ordered three bookmarks and a buttery beer candle. my bookworm boutique mug also arrived. still waiting for my pillow though. pictures to come~
  • my family bought a new rice cooker because our old one was dying. this new one is EPIC.
  • i’m trying to resurrect my tumblr. changed the theme and added posts to the queue.

how was your week?

– alexandra

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taylor swift book tag!

taylor swift book tag

i saw this tag floating around booktube and have been wanting to do for ages! it was started by thebooklife and i’m glad someone brought it to the blogging community (idk who, but thank you!). i was tagged by kath to do this tag! thank you for tagging me because i love taylor swift and and book tags. ❤ sorry for taking so long for me to post it, it’s been in my drafts folder for months.

the rules are super simple.. just follow the instructions.

1. we are never ever getting back togetherpick a book (or book series) that you were pretty sure you were in love with, but then wanted to break up with

for this, i’m going to be choosing delirium; by lauren oliver. i loved the first book in this trilogy – it’s still one of my favorite books – but the second two novels disappointed me immensely. it got slow and the last one felt really unfinished. i continue to reread delirium, but the other two… we are never ever ever getting back together.

2. red: pick a book with a red cover

i’m going to chooooose pride and prejudice; by jane austen! my copy is red-ish pink and i love the cover, so why not??


3. the best day ever: pick a book that makes you feel nostalgia

probably one of the very first books that i stayed up reading was charlotte’s web; by e.b. white. i remember it being my favorite book for years, and i swear it was the one the got me hooked on reading. thinking of charlotte and wilbur’s adventures fill me with lots and lots of ~nostalgia~

4. love story: pick a book with a forbidden love

ooooooo forbidden love, one of my favorite tropes! i’ll be choosing blue and gansey from the raven boys series; by maggie stiefvater. they don’t have many really emotional scenes, but FEELINGS. their chemistry is perfect and it physically hurts. *swoon*

5. i knew you were trouble: pick a book with a bad character you couldn’t help but love

if you read my best of the best (2014) post, you would know i’m a sucker for the bad guy. you know, the mean ones who always have a sob-worthy backstory and are actually super soft and sweet on the inside. yeah, those guys. i love them. sometimes they’re the antagonist, sometimes they’re not, but regardless i love them. for this i will be choosing.. warner from the shatter me trilogy; by tahereh mafi!

6. innocent: pick a book someone ruined the ending for

i’m usually pretty good at avoiding spoilers, but when i do get spoiled i’m usually in denial. the book i was spoiled the ending for was clockwork princess; by cassandra clare. i was on tumblr stupid xan and just finished clockwork prince, and just had to look through the tag to express my feels. i was being really careful to quickly scroll through anything that look mildly suspicious. then BOOM. someone spoiled the ending of clockwork princess for me. i was in complete denial, until i read to that part of the book, and to say the least, i saw it coming. i suppose it was my fault. moral of the story: stay away from the internet until you’ve finished the book.

7. everything has changed: pick a character from a book that goes through extensive character development

one of the main reasons why i love the darkest minds trilogy is because of the insanely amazing characters and their development. for this, i’ll be choosing ruby daly from the darkest minds by alexandra bracken. i cannot say enough good things to show how much i love this series. ruby changes so much from the first book and her development i just. teARS.

8. you belong with me: pick your most anticipated book release

there are so many books i’m looking forward to read this year, but winter; by marissa meyer tops the list. cress, the previous book of the series was nearly f l a w l e s s.

give it to me

9. forever and always: pick your favorite book couple

you’re asking me to pick one book couple?! how am i suppose to choose????? after much thought, i decided to choose will and tessa from the infernal devices series; by cassandra clare! i was originally going to choose percy and annabeth from the percy jackson and the olympians series; by rick riordan, but i feel like their song should’ve been state of grace, not forever and always. anyway, i LOVE will and tessa. i actually cry thinking about them. FEELINGS.

10. come back, be here: pick the book you would least like to lend out, for fear of missing it too much

for this, i’ll be choosing the fault in our stars; by john green. this is one of my favorite books, and my edition is signed! i actually have three copies, but i don’t think i would ever lend any of them. the first is an ebook, the second is the signed version, and the final one is a limited edition project for awesome version.

11. shake it off: pick a book you love so much, you shake off all the haters

for obvious reasons, i’m going to be choosing the darkest minds trilogy; by alexandra bracken. i rave about this trilogy way too much. it’s my favorite trilogy eveeerrr and it’s the bestest. love love love! haters going to hate, but i’m just going to SHAKE. IT. OFF.

bonus questions i’ve added because i love t.swizzle!

12. sparks fly:  pick a book you fell in love with starting from the first sentence

lately i’ve been a bit obsessed with first sentences in books* and i choose paper towns; by john green! the first sentence is: “the way i see it, everyone gets a miracle.” ahhh, i knew this was going to be a winner.

*STORY TIME: i found this really epic first sentence online, but i can’t seem to remember where i found it (blog, goodreads, youtube..?). i went searching for over two hours googling the first sentence of recent books i put on my tbr list and i couldn’t find anything. it’s gotten to the point where i’m fairly sure this was all a dream. buuut i’m still hoping it exists even though i have no idea where i found it. *sigh*

13. wonderland: pick a fantasy world you would like to live in (from a book, obviously!)

fantasies usually have it’s ups and downs: you’re either a character with super cool powers, or everyone else. if i were one of the “special people,” i’d like to be a demigod in the percy jackson/heroes of olympus series; by rick riordan. demigods are so cool. also, living in this world isn’t so different from the real world.. there are just monsters attacking and the world kinda ending and raging gods/goddesses.. not bad.

14. if this was a movie: pick your favorite book to movie adaptation

i’ve got to choose the great gatsby; by f. scott fitzgerald. that movie was.. wow. i watched it immediately after i finished the book and it was basically what i imagined in my mind, put in movie form. there were almost no changes and also.. LEO DICAPRIO. the set up, soundtrack, and everything was just so good. in case you didn’t realize, i’m talking about the 2013 movie, not the 1974 one.

15. fifteen: pick a book set in high school

one of my favorite high school books are the gallagher girl series; by ally carter. i read these in like, fourth grade, and loved them from the start. it’s very different from a normal high school, but it’s a high school nonetheless! the girls have prom, graduation, and all the normal stuff, even though they’re spies going on insane missions.

taylor swift is one of my favorite artists and i’ve been listening to her since the first album. i can (almost) sing every single song without mistake. even if i tried, i wouldn’t be able to choose a favorite song. (but at the moment, it’s probably new romantics.) if you’re reading this, you’re tagged. mostly because i want to see everyone’s response to this tag because i actually know all these songs.

what’s your favorite taylor swift song? let me know in the comments!



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