moving to self-hosted wordpress!

self-hosted wp

i’ve had this goal since i began blogging and i finally did it:

i’ve moved to a wordpress self-hosted website!

before i began blogging, many people had said wp self-hosted was too complex for new bloggers, and they wouldn’t recommend it unless you had experience in blogging/building your own website. i was a total noob, so i began with it was alright at first, but i grew frustrated at the lack of customization. i upgraded to the pro version, but i still felt restrained. UGH. finally, after many hours online ‘researching,’ i decided it was time to take action. annnnnd here i am.

to those who are still commenting/subscribing on my old blog… please come to the new one. i’ve changed my previous blog to, and my new one is you can still see/view the blog, but it won’t be updated.

also, i really hope you explore the new theme! i designed it myself and i’m quite proud. a HUGE thank you and shoutout to hazel from stay bookish for coding everything and dealing with my cluelessness. <33333 i'm currently trying to reformat all my previous posts so it would fit this new design, so excuse the lack of posts this week. i'm still adjusting to everything! hopefully i could get back to hang of things soon~!

– alexandra